Fieldworker Data Cards

Product code: FieldDC
Fieldworkers Data Cards

Fieldworker Data Cards

Product code: FieldDC
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This set of 9 double sided A6 cards is perfect for keeping close at hand while out in the field and has information on all the most important elements you need to know.
1. Side A - Getting Ready helps to consider all the things you need when heading out, and other important ideas such as health and safety, permissions and equipment checks. Side B - The recording section takes you through the standard procedure from locating a site or context to digging it.
2. Side A/B - Field Survey talks you through the basics of basic and intensive field survey as well as the minimum requirements for recording a site.
3. Side A - Laying out trenches with a handy diagonals table. Side B - Helps to understand how to take and reduce levels.
4. Side A/B - The Photo card explains FOV, F-stops and more, with a section on how to lay out north arrows and scales for a photograph.
5. Side A/B - The drawn record - both plan and section is described in detail with the various requirements and prompts to ensure you enter all the information.
6. Side A/B - Describing deposits and fills - soil types, inclusions and the process of recording on a context card.
7. Side A/B - Cuts and how to describe and record them are examined - from posthole to ditches.
8. Side A/B - Samples and Finds and how to collect and record them.
9. Side A/B - Site formation and stratigraphy.

This is designed by professionals and has been trialled and corrected over a whole year to ensure you get the best help to keep you right. If you are going on a student dig or just starting out in professional archaeology, or just want to make sure you don't forget a vital piece of information, then this unique set of 8 cards in a sturdy polypocket with stud fastening is just what you have been looking for. This IS the diggers friend!

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