Credit Card photography scale

Product code: CCPS
Credit Card archaeology photography scale

Credit Card photography scale

Product code: CCPS
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Printed on matte white, non-reflective rigid plastic (with a biodegradable central core), this is the perfect wallet fitting scale to carry at all times.

8cm black and white scale, 20 mm micro scale
rectification target with 50mm x 20mm reticules.

And it all fits into your purse, wallet or pocket.

The CMYK Colours are as follows:
Blue: C: 85, M: 100, Y:6, K: 31
Green: C: 85, M: 7, Y: 89, K: 21
Yellow: C: 1, M: 13, Y: 96, K: 0
Red: C: 1, M: 100, Y: 91, K: 5

Manufactured in the UK.

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