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Product code: BK396
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FIELD ARCHAEOLOGY - An Introduction - 

The dig is the face of archaeology most immediately recognised by the general public, and is often what attracts both students and amateurs to the discipline. Yet there is much more to working in the field than digging alone. Peter Drewett's comprehensive survey explores the process, from the core work of discovery and excavation to the final product, the published archaeological report. The main topics are:

How an archaeological site is formed

Finding and recording archaeological sites

Planning excavations, digging the site and recording the results

Post-fieldwork planning, processing and finds analysis

Interpreting the evidence

Publishing the report

Illustrated with 100 photographs and line drawings, and using numerous case studies, this second edition of Field Archaeology ensures it will remain the essential introductory guide for archaeology students and the growing number of enthusiasts for the subject.

Condition: Good - Author: Peter L Drewett - Publisher: UCL Press - Pages: 195 - Paperback

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