Mini Triangular Scale Ruler

Product code: MiniScale
Mini Triangular Scale Ruler

Mini Triangular Scale Ruler

Product code: MiniScale
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Colour-coded mini aluminium triangular scale rule with divisions which are clear and accurate. An essential piece of equipment for field draughtsmen and illustrators, whether in the field or in the drawing office.

Pocket Size 15cm Aluminium Triangular Scale Ruler 1:20 1:25 1:50 1:75 1:100 1:125

Made of silver anodized aluminium metal with black letters and black, green and red coloured slots.

This small scale rule is not only shorter than a standard ruler - it is also thinner, which makes it a really pocket sized.

High quality item

Useful to scale off maps and plans for all archaeologists - and a true small item of desire

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